Our Uniqueness

Monaco Guards Our Uniqueness



Presently, we have over 4,800 (Four Thousand Eight Hundred) staff strength spread across the nation. These are excellent security operatives that have been specially recruited and retrained from the ranks of retired soldiers, prison, police and immigration officers coupled with able bodied men now transformed into seasoned and excellent security operatives.

These combination of personnel is tailored to meet the peculiar needs of the numerous and divergent demands of our ever expanding clientele base and the nature of their businesses.

Talking about our capacity to deploy Guards on demand, we are pleased to emphatically state that Monaco Guards is ever ready. As you read this piece, we have a large reservoir of trained security guards for emergency jobs that may come up at any given point in time.We still ensure they all undergo our basic and/or advanced security training in order to adequately equip them for the new career they have chosen before deploying them to their various beats.

Our training programme ensures that our operatives become adapted to specialized skills that are sector-specific.Our candidates are meticulously selected, extensively trained, motivated and supervised by experienced officersand categorized into the various industrial sectors of the economy – viz Oil and Gas, Banking, Hospitality, Educational, Telecommunication, Commerce etc. They are not only ready for deployment but as is expected of us, they have been duly vetted and guaranteed by Three (3) Guarantors. Each of these Guarantors have guaranteed the Guard to the tune of One Million (₦1,000,000:00) Naira.


We have the financial capacity to execute any level of contracts awarded to us.  Our profile in security business speaks enormously on our behalf. With a staff strength of over 4,800, our monthly salary is well over N96 million which translates to more than N1.152 billion per annum. Similarly we wish to restate that our establishment boast of an average monthly turnover of N144 million which reckons to over N1.7 billion per annum. Our clientele includes blue chip companies like Visafone Communications, Conoil Plc, Fidelity Bank etc.Taking care of our treasury includes such under listed banks like First Bank, Diamond Bank, Mainstreet Bank, Fidelity Bank, Eco Bank, Zenith Bank, Access Bank, Wema Bank and Sterling Bank to mention but a few.


The environment under which we operate is SECURITY. Security against allmanner of the unknown to both our clients and our employees. To that extent can it be categorized as high risk.High Risk demands responsibility. As a seasoned and highly professional security company, we do not shirk our responsibilities. To our esteemed Clients we have a Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy in place and we have compelled ourselves to a “PERFORMANCE BOND INSURANCE POLICY”. And to our dear Ambassadors – our man guards who are out there, come rain come shine; we have an Employer’s Liability Insurance and in this case a WORKMEN COMPENSATION INSURANCE SCHEME POLICY.

These Insurance policies have been contracted with LINKAGE ASSURANCE PLC.  For the present, any other locations or clients that we come into business with is covered to the tune of Fifteen Million Naira (₦15,000,000:00) Naira and to our guards working at such locations, they have an insurance cover of Twenty One Million (₦21,000,000:00) Naira. These are not rigid strictures as they can be expanded and improved upon as contract demands.


Bearing in mind that there is no limit to learning and the fact that knowledge is power we from time to time organize training sessions both physical and mental for our security operatives so as to keep them fit and be in tune with the dynamic challenges of our business. These trainings are carried out without recourse to our clients. We also organize trainings for Institutions and Organizations, more especially in the area of Security and Safety. 


As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility which we carry out on an annual basis to the Society and our environment in particular; we do not forget the saying that CHARITY begins at home. To that extent are we very compliant with the regulations on Pension Reform Act 2004 of our Staff.

Members of Staff freely exercised their choice of pension service providers and on a monthly basis as by law; all agreeable deductions are instantly doubled and paid into the Staff’s pension fund account.

This laudable policy on retirement and pension by the Federal Government of Nigeria should be encouraged by all responsible employers of labour and Monaco Guards is one of them.


We have demonstrated a strong track record of being effective and efficient in our service delivery to our numerous Clients in various sectors of theNigerian Economy.

For TWENTY-FIVE (25) years, we have kept faith with the expectations of our Clients such thatMonaco Guard is categorized amongst the TWELVE (12) foremost security companies doing business in Nigeria. This research work was carried out by an American Consulting Company going by the name FRANK ANDERSON CONSULTING.

Even in the face of the deadly Boko Haram onslaught particularly in the North East and North West of the country, Kano, Katsina, Kaduna, Abuja, Adamawa, Jos and the rest; Monaco Guards are yet to abandon any of our beats and locations. A numbers of our Guards have fallen under the bullets of Boko Haram, yet we are undaunted. Compensation are paid to bereaved families and the work of securing our dear Clients and country continues.

Talking about our Clients we want to quickly say that Monaco handles all the facilities and BaseStations of Glo Communications across the Northern States of Nigeria – from Sokoto to Maiduguri.We also do same for all the branches of Visafone Communications, Diamond Bank, Fidelity Bank Conoil Plc and a host of other Companies.

We have a short list of some of our Clients nationwide and you will be amazed at our coverage and what Monaco can do and by the grace of God, these experiences we shall be bringing to your dear company as you give us the opportunity to serve.


Our Guards are identified in white short sleeves shirts, and with beat supervisors on white long sleeve shirt, with the company’s badge on the left shoulder of the sleeve and on the left breast pocket with navy blue lanyard. A navy blue trouser which has an ox-blood strip running on the trouser from waist to bottom, a black belt and a black booth with blue beret or fez cap to match. At night time our guards can be identified with a navy blueshort sleeve shirt over a navy blue



Bearing in mind that Monaco Guards is classified as ‘Category A’ by our regulators, the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps our charges has remained attractive. Our charges are not only modest but competitive in the industry. We also ensure that our Guards are remunerated well over and above the minimum wages as announced by the Federal Government. These are geared towards ensuring efficient and effective services. Should you go into business relationship with us, we expect settlement of our monthly bills on or before 25th of each month to allow us enough administrative time to pay our Guards at the end of the month.


Our installation of Walkie Talkies in the upper parts of the North is controlled from our head office in Kano. The same arrangement is also in place for the North Central and iscontrolled from our Abuja office.

Meanwhile, the use of the General System of Mobile Communication (GSM) has been of tremendous benefits. We have a minimum of (2) handsets each for every of our beat Supervisors and Patrol Officers for immediate and random communication at intervals with our office and to the Manager, Operations to abreast them of happenings in the field at intervals. Our offices are opened for 24 hours service. As aforementioned in the previous paragraph, our Supervisors are equipped with vehicles and motorcycles which add as our operational machinery to the communication system in place.


We are aware that the Federal Government and the Decree 33 of 1986 establishing Corporate Guard Company have not approved the handling of fire arms and ammunitions. That is not to say that we do not have a way out for our client’s safety. We have trained our men in the art of self-defenseand techniques and on how to apply the use of certain security and defense gadgets like clubs, metal detectors, under vehicle search mirror, spy camera fez cap, spy camera pen, spy camera tie, spy camera button etc.


We have our patrol system pattern that runs for 24hours .Our patrol team monitors our guards, ensuring they live up to expectations in delivering their services efficiently. We are also obligated to maintain a good rapport with the Nigeria Police vide the Central Bank of Nigeria regulations on Banks, Financial Institutions and Oil Marketing Companies. This no doubt is an added impetus to our operational force, yielding maximum efficiency and protection to our numerous clients.


Our beat Supervisors are saddled with the responsibility of presenting to us an appraisal of the operatives under their command. Operatives who fail to meet up with our standard are referred to the Training Academy for re-training or de-kitting. We also encourage our clients to assess our Guards’ performance on a regular basis by filling the Guards Performance Evaluation forms. All Clients’ observation and comments are dully noted and acted upon immediately under strict confidentiality. Operatives with highly commendable appraisals are adequately rewarded. 


Our Company has an agreement which we send to any of our prospective clients whom we are going into a relationship with. Although, not stereotype in pattern. Where a client may not be too pleased with some clauses, we may allowsuch clients to come up with theirs but both parties must arrive at a consensus before it becomes binding.


Our Security services management implementation plan includes the following strategies:

  • Site Inspection and Security Service Audit.
  • Security Audit Report
  • Cost Implications
  • Client Approval
  • Contract Agreement
  • Manpower/Security Support Services Deployment
  • Quarterly feedback on performance evaluation based on standards


Outsourcing your security guard services offers a lot of freedom and flexibility. The potential advantages include:

  1. You can focus more on your business. You no longer have to worry about the day-to-day management of security.
  1. There’s a big cost savings by outsourcing. You can spend that savings on other parts of your business.
  1. You save money because you no longer have to pay for uniforms, equipment and other overhead costs.
  1. Productivity and efficiency will improveat your business because there is one less thing that you have to regularly worry about.
  1. You have more time to focus on areas that will grow your business because you don’t have to be concerned about the management of security guards.
  1. With outsourcing, you don’t waste Naira. You can hire a company for event security for a single occasion or use mobile security patrols whenever you need them. You are only paying for what you need, when you need it.
  1. An outsourced company most likely will have the latest security technology (patrol cars, communication systems, etc.). Best of all, you don’t have to make the upfront investment in buying all of that stuff.
  1. With an outsourced security guard company, you’re buying expertise at a low price. It would cost you a lot of money to buy that expertise on your own.
  1. Outsourcing can provide continuity. You don’t have to worry about security guard turnover and guard sick days when you go with a reliable security guard company.

When you outsource your security guards services to MONACO GUARDS, you are assured of security solutions that will restore peace of mind that comes from knowing that your property and your family are safe and secure.