Monaco Guards Products

MONACO GUARDS – offers integrated security management to industries, commercial buildings and residential estates in the following areas:


We provide well-trained security operatives for residences, factories and corporate businesses all over the federation. Our guards are trained to correctly interpret and effectively implement operating procedures peculiar to their areas of responsibility. The number of guards to be deployed to each location is determined by the result of security survey conducted by our experts or as determined by the client through a mutual agreement.

Typical Types of Locations That We Protect

  1. Home Security / Home Security Guards / Home Security Patrol /
    Gated Communities Security
  2. Apartments and Apartment Complexes Security / High Rise Buildings Security
  3. Company Security
  4. Airports Security / Bus Stations Security / Transportation Hubs Security
  5. Bank Security
  6. School/University Security
  7. Commercial Security / Industrial Security / Warehouse Building Security
  8. Storage Facility Security
  9. Construction Sites Security
  10. Shopping Centers Security / Retail Store Security
  11. Hotel Security / Resort Security
  12. Hospital Security / Medical Center Security

Construction Security

Monaco Guards construction security division has been protecting construction sites since 2001. Construction sites are exposed to theft or vandalism without adequate construction site security services. It’s a fact that the easy access to the building materials makes it a target for thieves thinking the risk of getting caught is minimal. Vandalism and theft are two security risks to be concerned about on construction sites and can cost residential, commercial, industrial and construction companies thousands of Naira and up to millions each year. Our comprehensive, customized security services address the safeguarding of industrial sites and equipment, your property; stop theft before it starts. Monaco Guards can secure large properties and ensure that intruders, vandals and thieves do not enter your property at any time. General contractors, developers, and sub-contractors across Nigeria have trusted Monaco Guards construction security division to prevent theft and vandalism at construction sites.


We provide security cover for important social events such as Musical Concerts, Product promotions, Jamborees, Weddings, Launchings, Funeral, Annual General Meetings (AGM), Sporting events etc. These events often require specialized security functions: Access control, Crowd Control, Traffic/Car-Park Management, VIP/ Executive Protection, Guest Management and Surveillance. Our experience and expertise in these areas will ensure that quality security of lives, properties is assured.


Special And Detailed Country Briefings for New Arrivals In Nigeria. We provide meet-and-greet / airport protocol services and security / country briefing for our clients on request (with at least one-week notice). Such services include the provision of passenger vehicle(s) and patrol team(s) as requested by the client. This service is designed to convey and escort visitors (usually expatriates) from the airport to hotels or private residences, provide escort services for the duration of their stay or as need be and also provide such services on their return.


The increasing incidence of kidnapping, political assassinations, armed attack in our society has necessitated the use of armed escorts by high net worth individuals and expatriates. At Monaco Guards, we provide reliable armed escorts service anywhere within Nigeria. Our drivers are trained in defensive driving techniques while our Escort Commanders are experienced in route planning and convoy movement to ensure safety of our clients.

NB: Monaco Guards security has the approval of the Nigeria Police to use armed policemen in support of our escort assignments).


We provide various breeds of dogs such as Alsatian,  Rottweiler, Doberman,etc and handlers for special protection. We surely can assist you.


We train security operatives in companies who need to constantly update their men with the newest technology in security. Monaco Guards employs the most flexible and cost effective methods of conducting training. Our Training Teams are drawn from our pool of highly experienced professionals in their specific security skills, who are held in highest esteem and standard.


Monaco Guards provides the following security gadgets and services with a maintenance fee contract for client homes and offices or as need be;

We equally supply some of this high-tech defense equipment:

We also have a business relationship with a vehicle manufacturing company that specializes in the manufacturing and sale of armoured /bullet proof vehicles.

We surely can assist in protecting your life and that of your loved ones.